Practical SharePoint 2013 Governance

  • 11h 35m
  • Steve Goodyear
  • Apress
  • 2013

Practical SharePoint 2013 Governance is the first book to offer practical and action-focused SharePoint governance guidance based on consulting experiences with real organizations in the field. It provides the quintessential governance reference guide for SharePoint consultants, administrators, architects, and anyone else looking for actual hands-on governance guidance. This book goes beyond filling in a governance document template and focuses entirely on actions to take and behaviors to adopt for addressing real-world governance challenges.

  • Walks you through how to define what SharePoint offers and who is involved
  • Offers key governance strategies for you to adopt or advise to your customers
  • Provides real-world examples that apply each governance concept to an actual scenario

What you’ll learn

  • Define a scope to offer SharePoint as a service to an organization
  • Specify roles and responsibilities involved in a SharePoint service
  • Envision and strategize a SharePoint roadmap
  • Plan for growing and upgrading a SharePoint environment
  • Measure and report on performance metrics
  • Set boundaries for development standards and testing processes

About the Author

Steve Goodyear is an author and a SharePoint expert living in Vancouver, Canada, where he writes and works as a consultant and solution architect.

Previously, he worked for Microsoft as an Enterprise Consultant engaging as a SharePoint specialist with Microsoft’s largest enterprise and government customers around North America to design technology solutions for their most challenging business problems. Before joining Microsoft, Steve was also a Software Engineer and Technical Lead at Electronic Arts.

Steve is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and he holds several Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications, including: SharePoint Administration and Development, SQL Server Administration and Development, and ASP.NET Development. He loves writing about technology to share ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire readers.

In this Book

  • Understanding SharePoint Governance
  • Defining Your SharePoint Service and Service Tiers
  • Determining Your SharePoint Features and Functionality
  • Establishing Your Team's Roles and Responsibilities
  • Shaping Your User Readiness and Training
  • Measuring and Reporting on Your SharePoint Service Performance
  • Creating Your SharePoint Roadmap
  • Promoting a Feedback Process
  • Managing Your SharePoint Demand Funnel
  • Growing Your SharePoint Service
  • Preparing for SharePoint Upgrades and Patches
  • Committing Sponsorship and Ownership of Customizations
  • Facilitating and Isolating End-User Customizations
  • Designing Your Development Standards and Testing Processes
  • Framing Your Information Architecture and UI Standards
  • Coordinating Your Code Promotion and Release Processes