Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional

  • 5h 26m
  • Rex Black
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

A hands-on guide to testing techniques that deliver reliable software and systems

Testing even a simple system can quickly turn into a potentially infinite task. Faced with tight costs and schedules, testers need to have a toolkit of practical techniques combined with hands-on experience and the right strategies in order to complete a successful project. World-renowned testing expert Rex Black provides you with the proven methods and concepts that test professionals must know. He presents you with the fundamental techniques for testing and clearly shows you how to select and apply successful strategies to test a system with budget and time constraints.

Black begins by discussing the goals and tactics of effective and efficient testing. Next, he lays the foundation of his technique for risk-based testing, explaining how to analyze, prioritize, and document risks to the quality of the system using both informal and formal techniques. He then clearly describes how to design, develop, and, ultimately, document various kinds of tests. Because this is a hands-on activity, Black includes realistic, life-sized exercises that illustrate all of the major test techniques with detailed solutions.

By the end of this book, you'll know more about the nuts and bolts of testing than most testers learn in an entire career, and you'll be ready to put those ideas into action on your next test project.

With the help of real-world examples integrated throughout the chapters, you'll discover how to:

  • Analyze the risks to system quality
  • Allocate your testing effort appropriately based on the level of risk
  • Choose the right testing strategies every time
  • Design tests based on a system's expected behavior (black box) or internal structure (white box)
  • Plan and perform integration testing
  • Explore and attack the system
  • Focus your hard work to serve the needs of the project

About the Author

Rex Black is a 20-plus-year software and systems engineering veteran, and President and Principal Consultant of RBCS, Inc., a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing. He is the author of Managing the Testing Process as well as numerous articles. Black is also President of both the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

In this Book

  • Pragmatic Software Testing—Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional
  • Introduction
  • What Does It Mean to Be Pragmatic?
  • Triangle Test Exercise
  • Aligning Testing with the Project
  • Understanding Test Strategies, Tactics, and Design
  • Understanding Risks to System Quality
  • Aligning Testing with Quality Risks
  • Quality Risk Analysis Exercise
  • Reviews and Other Static Tests
  • Review Exercise
  • Equivalence Classes and Boundary Values
  • Equivalence Classes and Boundary Values Exercise
  • Use Cases, Live Data, and Decision Tables
  • Decision Table Exercise
  • State Transition Diagrams
  • State Transition Diagram Exercise
  • Domain Testing
  • Domain Testing Exercise
  • Orthogonal Arrays and All Pairs
  • Orthogonal Arrays Exercise
  • Reactive Testing
  • Control-Flow Testing
  • Control-Flow Testing Exercise
  • Data-Flow Testing
  • Data-Flow Testing Exercise
  • Integration Testing
  • Integration Basis Test Exercise
  • Bibliography and Other Recommended Readings


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