Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Second Edition

  • 7h 11m
  • Kattamuri S. Sarma
  • SAS Institute
  • 2013

Learn how to produce predictive models and prepare presentation-quality graphics in record time with Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Second Edition.

If you are a graduate student, researcher, or statistician interested in predictive modeling; a data mining expert who wants to learn SAS Enterprise Miner; or a business analyst looking for an introduction to predictive modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner, you'll be able to develop predictive models quickly and effectively using the theory and examples presented in this book.

Author Kattamuri Sarma offers the theory behind, programming steps for, and examples of predictive modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner, along with exercises at the end of each chapter. You'll gain a comprehensive awareness of how to find solutions for your business needs. This second edition features expanded coverage of the SAS Enterprise Miner nodes, now including File Import, Time Series, Variable Clustering, Cluster, Interactive Binning, Principal Components, AutoNeural, DMNeural, Dmine Regression, Gradient Boosting, Ensemble, and Text Mining.

Develop predictive models quickly, learn how to test numerous models and compare the results, gain an in-depth understanding of predictive models and multivariate methods, and discover how to do in-depth analysis. Do it all with Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner.

About the Author

Kattamuri S. Sarma, PhD, is an economist and statistician with 30 years of experience in American business, including stints with IBM and AT&T. He is the founder and president of Ecostat Research Corp., a consulting firm specializing in predictive modeling and forecasting. Over the years, Dr. Sarma has developed predictive models for the banking, insurance, telecommunication, and technology industries. He has been a SAS user since 1992, and he has extensive experience with multivariate statistical methods, econometrics, decision trees, and data mining with neural networks. The author of numerous professional papers and publications, Dr. Sarma is a SAS Certified Professional and a SAS Alliance Partner. He received his bachelor's degree in mathematics and his master's degree in economic statistics from universities in India. Dr. Sarma received his PhD in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein.

In this Book

  • Research Strategy
  • Getting Started with Predictive Modeling
  • Variable Selection and Transformation of Variables
  • Building Decision Tree Models to Predict Response and Risk
  • Neural Network Models to Predict Response and Risk
  • Regression Models
  • Comparison and Combination of Different Models
  • Customer Profitability
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Textual Data