Pro Apache Tomcat 6

  • 5h 35m
  • Matthew Moodie
  • Apress
  • 2007

Pro Apache Tomcat 6 is ideal for Tomcat administrators and others who want to configure Tomcat. It covers only Tomcat 6 and doesn’t get bogged down trying to over-explain tasks from each older version of the server. The book examines the entire installation, including file system, database, and web server, and provides you with security and performance tips.

Author Matthew Moodie describes configuration files, as well as administration features like security, auto-deployment, remote deployment, and data sources. He gets right to the point and teaches you to use Tomcat without wasting time on Java or JSP introductions or excess discussion of JSP and Java code.

In this Book

  • Introducing Tomcat
  • Installing Tomcat
  • Examining Tomcat's Directories
  • Working with Tomcat's Configuration Files
  • Administering Web Applications
  • Using Tomcat's Administration Tools
  • Configuring Tomcat
  • Understanding Tomcat's Class Loaders
  • Using Tomcat's Connectors
  • Connecting to Databases Using JDBC
  • Working with User Authentication
  • Securing Tomcat
  • Implementing Shared Tomcat Hosting
  • Testing Tomcat's Performance