Pro Excel Financial Modeling: Building Models for Technology Startups

  • 4h 43m
  • Tom Y. Sawyer
  • Apress
  • 2009

Learn the business thinking behind financial modeling and execute what you know effectively using Microsoft Excel. Many believe that sales and profitability projections shown in financial models are the keys to success in attracting investors. The truth is that investors will come up with their own projections. The investor wants to understand the assumptions, structure, and relationships within the modeling of a startup. If the investor is satiated, the entrepreneur has successfully demonstrated a complete understanding of the business side of the enterprise. Pro Excel Financial Modeling provides the keys necessary to learn this thinking and to build the models that will illustrate it.

  • Step–by–step approach to developing financial models in Excel
  • Extensive case studies and Excel templates provided

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the business thinking behind successful financial modeling aimed at investors.
  • Communicate effectively with investors.
  • Explore advanced modeling with Microsoft Excel, including Cost of Information Technology, Customer ROI, Cost of Sales and Marketing, Cost of Goods Sold, Team and Staffing, Profit and Loss.
  • Discover best practices for modeling using Microsoft Excel.

About the Author

Tom Y. Sawyer has a proven track record as a principal architect, leader, and strategist for successful business and technology ventures. He currently provides management and technology consulting services to technology–focused enterprises, specializing in early stage organization, product development, “go to market” strategies, and financial modeling. A serial entrepreneur, Tom founded and sold an Internet data storage dot–com, served as president of a regional Colorado Internet service provider where he directed the strategic sale of the company, and served as the first president of Mover’s Suite Software, today the largest enterprise software and consulting company in the moving industry. He also served as chief technology officer and on the board of directors of Guardian ProStar, a provider of advanced GPS/GIS services to the utility industry. Tom gained Fortune 100 senior management experience as director of information technology for the Martin Marietta Space Launch Systems Titan IV missile program where he received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Information Technology Management in his last year of service. Prior to his Fortune 100 career, he served in progressively more responsible financial management and financial planning positions in banking, technology services, and computer manufacturing. He holds a BSBA degree in finance from the University of Florida.

In this Book

  • Business Thinking and Financial Modeling for Technology Startups
  • Company Business Model
  • The Green Devil Control Systems Business Case
  • The Staffing Model
  • Sales and Revenue Model
  • Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Model
  • Cost of Sales and Marketing Model
  • Cost of Product Development Model
  • Operating and Capital Expenditures Models
  • Statements of Profit and Loss and Cash Flow
  • Modeling Valuation and Investment with the FIN Model
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis Using the FIN Model


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