Pro Express.js

  • 3h 49m
  • Azat Mardan
  • Apress
  • 2014

Pro Express.js is for the reader who wants to quickly get up-to-speed with Express.js, the flexible Node.js framework. Author Azat Mardan clearly explains how to start developing with Express.js with a basic 'Hello World', and then delves into a deep API reference, before looking at common and abstract development problems. Lastly, you will learn how to build a series of real-world apps in order to cement your knowledge.

In order to get the best from this book, you will be familiar with Node.js scripts and able to install packages using npm. In the deep API reference, each aspect of the Express.js API is explained clearly with a simple exercise to demonstrate its usage. This includes configuration, settings and environments; different middleware and its uses; templating engines; extracting parameters and routing; request and response; error handling; and running an app. In the next part you'll delve into abstraction, streams, authentication, multithreading,, security, and more complex modules. You will also learn about smaller frameworks built using Express.js, such as Sails.js, and Derby. Finally you'll build real-world apps including a REST API, Todo App, and Instagram gallery.

Express.js is used by a range of well-known companies such as MySpace and Storify, and it's becoming more and more likely that it'll be a required skill for new developers. With this book you can skip learning via complicated documentation, and get the information from a developer who's been using Express.js for long enough to explain things well. Add Pro Express.js to your library today.

What you’ll learn

  • How to start using Express.js efficiently.
  • How each feature of Express.js actually works, from config to routing, and more.
  • What frameworks have been built using Express.js and why you might use them in your work.
  • How to apply Express.js to real-world projects.

About the Author

Azat Mardan has over a dozen years of experience in web, mobile, and software engineering. With a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Azat possesses deep academic knowledge as well as extensive practical experience. He is the author of eight other books on JavaScript and Node.js, including Practical Node.js (Apress, 2014), and Rapid Prototyping with JS, an #1 Best Seller in its category.

Currently, Azat teaches the Node Program ( and creates online courses, while also working as a Team Lead at His team rebuilds a 50 million user product (DocuSign web app) using the cutting-edge tech stack of Node.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Jade, Stylus, and Redis.

Recently, Azat worked as an engineer at the curated social media news aggregator web site (acquired by in 2013), which is used by BBC, NBC, CNN, The White House, and others. Storify is a partner of (Node.js maintainer) and runs completely on Node.js, (whereas most companies that use Node.js use it only for certain tasks). is the company behind the open source library jade-browser.

Prior to his stint at, Azat developed mission-critical applications for government agencies in Washington, DC, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as well as for Lockheed Martin.

Azat has received acclaim for teaching programming classes at Marakana (acquired by Twitter in 2013), pariSOMA, General Assembly San Francisco, and Hack Reactor. In his spare time, Azat writes about technology on his blog

Azat is the creator of several open source Node.js projects, including ExpressWorks, mongoui,, and, and is a contributor to express, oauth, jade-browser, and other NPM modules.

In this Book

  • Starting with Express.js
  • Hello World Example
  • Configuration, Settings, and Environments
  • Working with Middleware
  • Template Engines and Consolidate.js
  • Parameters and Routing
  • Express.js Request Object
  • Express.js Response Object
  • Error Handling and Running an App
  • Abstraction
  • Database, Keys and Stream Tips
  • Redis and Authentication Patterns
  • Multithreading with Clusters
  • Applying Stylus, Less, and Sass
  • Security Tips
  • Socket.IO and Express.js
  • Domain and Express.js
  • Sails.js, DerbyJS, LoopBack, and Other Frameworks
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Todo App
  • HackHall