Pro Hibernate 3

  • 3h 48m
  • Dave Minter, Jeff Linwood
  • Apress
  • 2005

Pro Hibernate 3 is the first book to offer complete coverage of the open source lightweight Hibernate 3 and its new features. Authors Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood discuss the new persistence layer and share design tips and best practices. And the duo goes beyond just explaining “how to” use parts of Hibernate; they probe well beneath the surface, and teach you how to step back and solve problems thoroughly.

If you have experience using Java with databases, but lack experience with Hibernate, then this book is ideal for you. Similarly, if you have some familiarity with Hibernate 2 and now want to learn the nuances of version 3, then this book is a wise addition to your library.

About the Authors

Jeff Linwood has been involved in software programming since he had a 286 in high school. He got caught up with the Internet when he got access to a UNIX shell account, and it has been downhill ever since. Jeff has published articles on several Jakarta Apache open source projects in Dr. Dobb's Journal, CNET's, and JavaWorld. Jeff has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He currently works for the Gossamer Group in Austin, Texas, on content management and web application syndication systems. He gets to play with all the latest open source projects there. Jeff also co-authored Professional Struts Applications, Building Portals with the Java Portlet API, and Pro Hibernate 3. He was a technical reviewer for Enterprise Java Development on a Budget and Extreme Programming with Ant.

Dave Minter has adored computers since he was small enough to play in the boxes they came in. He built his first PC from discarded, faulty, and obsolete components, and considers that to be the foundation of his career as an integration consultant. Dave is based in London, where he helps large and small companies build systems that "just work." He co-authored Building Portals with the Java Portlet API and Pro Hibernate 3.

In this Book

  • An Introduction to Hibernate 3
  • Integrating and Configuring Hibernate
  • Building a Simple Application
  • Using Annotations with Hibernate
  • The Persistence Lifecycle
  • Creating Mappings
  • Querying Objects with Criteria
  • Querying with HQL and SQL
  • Using the Session
  • Design Considerations with Hibernate 3
  • Events and Interceptors
  • Hibernate Filters
  • Fitting Hibernate into the Existing Environment
  • Upgrading From Hibernate 2