Pro Jakarta Struts, Second Edition

  • 8h 43m
  • John Carnell, Rob Harrop
  • Apress
  • 2004

Pro Jakarta Struts, Second Edition maps out how to use the Jakarta Struts framework, so you can solve everyday web application development challenges. This book takes an application-centric approach: the development of an application drives the Struts coverage—not the other way around.

Improper design can lead to long term dependencies on the Struts framework, which makes code re-use difficult to achieve. But the authors helpfully discuss Struts from an anti-pattern perspective. The end result: you will learn to use Struts very effectively!

About the Authors

John Carnell is a principal architect for NetChange, LLC, an IT management consulting firm specializing in enterprise application design and implementation. John is also an adjunct facility member of the Waukesha County Technical College's (WCTC's) School of Business. In addition, John is a prolific speaker and writer. He has spoken at national conferences, such as Internet Expo, the Data Warehousing Institute, and the Complete Programmer's Network Software Symposiums. John has authored, coauthored, and been a technical reviewer for a number of technical books and industry publications.

Rob Harrop is the lead architect of UK-based software company Cake Solutions Limited ( As part of Cake Solutions' team, Rob has planned, designed, and built enterprise-level applications for a variety of UK- and U.S.-based clients, including the Metropolitan Police, DTi, and National Union of Students Services Limited. In his spare time, Rob is an avid reader and enjoys "playing" with new technology, his current interests being Python and JavaServer Faces.

In this Book

  • What We do Wrong: Web Antipatterns Explained
  • Struts Fundamentals
  • Form Presentation and Validation with Struts
  • Managing Business Logic with Struts
  • Architecting the Data Access Tier with ObjectRelationalBridge
  • Building Flexible Front-Ends with the Tiles Framework
  • Dynamic Forms and the Struts Validator Framework
  • Speeding Struts Development with XDoclet
  • Logging and Debugging
  • Velocity Template Engine
  • Extending the Struts Framework