Pro Java EE Spring Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies Implementing Java EE Patterns with the Spring Framework

  • 3h 36m
  • Dhrubojyoti Kayal
  • Apress
  • 2008

Pro Java EE Spring Patterns focuses on enterprise patterns, best practices, design strategies, and proven solutions using key Java EE technologies including JSP, servlets, EJB, and JMS APIs.

This Java EE patterns resource, catalog, and guide, with its patterns and numerous strategies, documents and promotes best practices for these technologies, implemented in a very pragmatic way using the Spring Framework and its counters. This title

  • Introduces Java EE application design and Spring framework fundamentals
  • Describes a catalog of patterns used across the three tiers of a typical JEE application
  • Provides implementation details and analyses each pattern with benefits and concerns
  • Describes the application of these patterns in a practical application scenario

What you’ll learn

  • Get an introduction to enterprise Java/Java EE application design patterns.
  • Simplify enterprise Java design using the popular Spring Framework.
  • Examine presentation, business, web, and integration tier design patterns and best practices, including cross–cutting design patterns, AOP, etc.
  • See how the enhanced and up–to–date pattern catalog compares to core J2EE design blueprints.
  • Learn how to use comprehensive source code and configuration information.
  • Develop order management system requirements for the first in–depth enterprise application case study.
  • Design your order management system application using the final case study.

Who is this book for?

This book is for Java EE application architects, designers, and developers using or planning to use the Spring Framework.

About the Author

DHRUBOJYOTI KAYAL is an agile developer architect with almost a decade of experience working with Java EE. During this time, he has actively contributed to the architecture, design, and development of products and applications using enterprise Java technologies. His areas of interest include the Spring Framework, JBoss SEAM, OSGi, refactoring and prefactoring, rich Internet applications, Scrum, and XP. He currently works with Capgemini Consulting, where he helps project teams with the architecture, design, and development of Java EE projects for leading vendors in the telecom, media, and entertainment sectors. Prior to Capgemini, Dhrubojyoti worked for TATA Consultancy Services, Oracle, and Cognizant Technology Solutions.

In this Book

  • Introducing Enterprise Java Application Architecture and Design
  • Simplifying Enterprise Java Applications with the Spring Framework
  • Exploring Presentation Tier Design Patterns
  • Exploring Business Tier Design Patterns
  • Exploring Integration Tier Design Patterns
  • Exploring Crosscutting Design Patterns
  • Case Study: Building an Order Management System


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