Pro jQuery in Oracle Application Express

  • 2h 48m
  • Scott Wesley
  • Apress
  • 2015

Building on your existing SQL skills, this book teaches you how to apply useful jQuery techniques to applications developed using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) development tool.

Pro jQuery in Oracle Application Express covers the fundamentals you need to start enhancing your applications, with some practical examples that you'll want in your own applications tomorrow. jQuery is a framework already utilized by APEX, and by learning the basics of jQuery you can leverage the flexible dynamic actions provide and see your applications raise the bar. Discover why you should embrace HTML5, CSS, and jQuery library capabilities, and how they can enhance the user experience.

Oracle Application Express is a mature, browser-based, rapid-development environment with a strong community base around the #orclapex tag. jQuery is a language for the browser, with it you can treat your web page as if it were a database, interacting with a range of features and functions that can make you into a more constructive, more efficient developer.

  • Exemplifies how productive APEX, CSS, and jQuery can be
  • Transforms your PL/SQL skills to CSS and jQuery
  • Provides jQuery snippets to enhance your application UX

About the Author

Scott Wesley is a database consultant and trainer with the Sage Computing Services team. Since joining the industry at the turn of the century, Wesley has gained analyst programming & design experience in a wide variety of applications within retail, construction, government, and financial sectors. He's used predominantly PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, and, beginning in 2008, Oracle Application Express. Scott has actively researched and applied cutting edge technologies from the Oracle product range and blogs with passion at

In this Book

  • CSS—The Secret
  • jQuery Fundamentals
  • Browser Tools
  • Enlarging Content
  • Firing Dynamic Actions
  • Implementing jQuery Alternatives
  • Highlighting Selected Row
  • Adding Buttons to Reports
  • Choosing Process Options
  • Link a Check Box to a Collection
  • Using jQuery Dialogs
  • Using Modal Forms
  • Receiving Information from the Database
  • Adding Visualization with JSON
  • Applying jQuery Post Render
  • Clicking Entire Rows
  • Customizing Pagination
  • Customizing Item Help
  • File Browse Validation
  • CSS Media Queries
  • Coding for the Future