Pro T-SQL 2019: Toward Speed, Scalability, and Standardization for SQL Server Developers

  • 5h 57m
  • Elizabeth Noble
  • Apress
  • 2020

Design and write simple and efficient T-SQL code in SQL Server 2019 and beyond. Writing T-SQL that pulls back correct results can be challenging. This book provides the help you need in writing T-SQL that performs fast and is easy to maintain. You also will learn how to implement version control, testing, and deployment strategies.

Hands-on examples show modern T-SQL practices and provide straightforward explanations. Attention is given to selecting the right data types and objects when designing T-SQL solutions. Author Elizabeth Noble teaches you how to improve your T-SQL performance through good design practices that benefit programmers and ultimately the users of the applications. You will know the common pitfalls of writing T-SQL and how to avoid those pitfalls going forward.

What You Will Learn

  • Choose correct data types and database objects when designing T-SQL
  • Write T-SQL that searches data efficiently and uses hardware effectively
  • Implement source control and testing methods to streamline the deployment process
  • Design T-SQL that can be enhanced or modified with less effort
  • Plan for long-term data management and storage

Who This Book Is For

Database developers who want to improve the efficiency of their applications, and developers who want to solve complex query and data problems more easily by writing T-SQL that performs well, brings back correct results, and is easy for other developers to understand and maintain

About the Author

Elizabeth Noble is a senior database administrator in the metro Atlanta area. It was love at first sight when she was introduced to her first database over 10 years ago. Her passion is to help others improve the quality and speed of deploying database changes through automation. When she is not trying to automate all things, she can be found spending time with her dogs, playing disc golf, or taking a walk at the gym.

In this Book

  • Data Types
  • Database Objects
  • Standardizing T-SQL
  • Designing T-SQL
  • Set-Based Design
  • Hardware Usage
  • Execution Plans
  • Optimize T-SQL
  • Coding Standards
  • Source Control
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Functional Design
  • Logging
  • Managing Data Growth