Pro Windows PowerShell

  • 7h 55m
  • Hristo Deshev
  • Apress
  • 2008

Windows power users have always envied their friends running UNIX machines for the ease of automation that they enjoy. The traditional Windows command–line shell, cmd.exe, has never been up to par with shells like bash or tcsh, especially when it comes to text processing and process automation.

Windows PowerShell changes all that. This next–generation shell is also a full–blown scripting environment with a real programming language that allows users to access every part of their operating system. Files, registry entries, and COM and .NET objects are all supported by PowerShell, which makes manipulating them a breeze.

Pro Windows PowerShell will show you how to use all this power in your own work. You’ll discover the object–oriented features of the shell and how they help in extracting and manipulating data. You’ll then learn how to use those features to solve real–world problems: manipulating files, working with text, monitoring systems, and performing operations over the network. The book serves as not only a tutorial, but also a reference: the “Real World” part is structured so that it can be read nonlinearly and used as a reference or a cookbook. And you’ll find freely available tools and extensions that will help you do things even faster.

Pro Windows PowerShell is your best companion to the capabilities and power that PowerShell offers you.

What you’ll learn

  • See how to solve real problems with Windows PowerShell using a repository of working code.
  • Get a sense of “the big picture,” with PowerShell integrating with the outside world. You will discover examples and techniques when dealing with other programs, the operating system, and the network.
  • Explore free and open–source tools and extensions that help you get results with Windows PowerShell fast. (No other book has this feature!)

Who is this book for?

Pro Windows PowerShell is targeted at professionals who handle a lot of repetitive tasks. The goal is to show how PowerShell can help script most of those tasks and reduce their burden. The book contains examples on automating typical system administration tasks: configuration, monitoring, network queries, text manipulation, and file operations. The ideas presented will be beneficial to power users needing a better shell and an automation environment, system and network administrators looking to streamline their daily activities, and software developers wishing to optimize their build and deploy process.

About the Author

Hristo Deshev is a group product manager for Telerik, a leading vendor of ASP.NET controls. He has been working on component development for the past several years, focusing on creating rich, highly interactive Ajax solutions. A major goal of his and his team is “taming web development” -- applying agile software engineering practices to create robust solutions targeting all modern web browsers and supporting multiple ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET versions.

In this Book

  • Objects and Object Types
  • Controlling Execution Flow
  • The Object Pipeline
  • Working with Script Blocks
  • Working with Functions
  • Command Aliases
  • Providers
  • Script Files
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Signing Scripts
  • The Shell Environment and Its Configuration
  • Extending the Type System
  • Getting Help
  • Taming Processes and Services
  • Input and Output
  • Monitoring Your System
  • PowerShell and the World Wide Web
  • Sending E-Mail
  • Talking to COM Objects
  • Managing Windows with WMI
  • PowerShell Community Extensions
  • PSEventing: .NET Events in PowerShell
  • Enhancing Tab Completion with PowerTab



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