Process Problem Solving: A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams

  • 1h 56m
  • Bob Sproull
  • CRC Press
  • 2001

"What, exactly, is the problem?"

It's a question that almost every operations employee has been asked many times--the answer, however, is never easy!

According to author Bob Sproull, a problem is a negative deviation from the expected level of performance. A problem-solving group's ability to alleviate the situation is directly related to the skills of its members. The goal of Process Problem Solving: A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams is to lead teams through Sproull's problem-solving process and thus sharpen those skills.

Written for a manufacturing audience, this hands-on book contains a methodology for discovering and dissecting the root causes of problems. Sproull employs a "learn and do" format that encourages readers to participate in the learning process. Such tools as cause-and-effect diagrams, tree diagrams, flow charts, and scattergrams are utilized. Numerous learning aids and "problem-solving truths" are sprinkled throughout the text, to make the reader aware of important points. At the end of each chapter, problem-solving teams are asked to discuss what they have learned. Appendixes provide case studies and real-world examples that teach problem-solving skills, facilitating maximum retention of the material.

Key to Sproull's mrthod is the problem analysis flow (PAF) chart--an amalgam of various proven problem-solving techniques. Th PAF chart systematically leads a group through the process and creates a structured approach to solving problems. Containing 10 major sections, the PAF chart is a comprehensive problem-solving tool.

About the Author

Bob Sproull is currently Vice President of Quality at the Morgan Corporation. Previously, he has held plant management positions at Xerox, Michelin, The U.S. Postal Service, American Sunroof Corp., and Penda Corp. He holds a bachelor's degree in math/physics from the University of Rochester.

In this Book

  • Process Problem Solving—A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams
  • Understanding Problems
  • Selecting the Right Problem
  • Problem-Solving Teams
  • The Why?-Why? Tools in Problem Solving
  • The Inquisition Tools
  • The Problem Analysis Flow (PAF) Chart


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