Professional Adobe Flex 3

  • 22h 16m
  • Joseph Balderson, et al.
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2008

In recent years, Flex has become the leader in rich Internet application (RIA) development technologies based on the Flash platform, and excitement continues to build around the potential of what Flex 3 has to offer. This comprehensive, in-depth resource provides you with the foundations of Flex 3 and shows how you can maximize your use of Flex 3 to create unique experiences on the Internet and the desktop.

The team of authors distinguishes the relationships between various aspects of Flex 3 and the Flash platform, while also offering extensive coverage of client-side Flex applications development and development best practices. They explain what Flex Builder can do, how to develop simple Flex 3 applications, and ways to use the Flex 3 framework classes and components. You'll also take a look at more advanced topics such as data integration, architectural frameworks, and advanced tools.

Packed with detailed examples throughout, this authoritative guide will get you up and running with Flex 3 quickly, regardless of your level of Flex experience.

What you will learn from this book

  • Techniques for skinning and styling Flex 3 components
  • Ways to integrate Flash-built assets into Flex 3 applications
  • Various components in the Flex 3 framework that manipulate or display data in the application
  • The Cairngorm micro-architecture framework
  • Best practices for building efficient, high-performance Flex 3 applications
  • Components of the Flex 3 toolset, including the debugger, profiler, unit testing framework, logging framework, and automation framework
  • Ways to migrate to Flex from other languages

Who this book is for

This book is for programmers and developers who are looking to leverage the Flex 3 platform to create RIAs. Experience with Flash, ActionScript, and an XML-based language is assumed.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Why Flex?
  • The Flex 3 Ecosystem
  • ActionScript 3.0 Fundamentals
  • Using ActionScript 3.0
  • Introduction to Flex Builder 3
  • Using Flex Builder 3
  • MXML Fundamentals
  • Developing with Flex Builder 3
  • Customizing Flex Builder 3
  • The Component Life Cycle and Class Hierarchy
  • Using Data Binding and Events
  • User Interface Controls and Containers
  • Layout Strategies
  • User Interface Integration
  • Getting Started with AIR
  • Custom ActionScript Components
  • Custom MXML Components
  • Extending Flex Components
  • Advanced Event Programming
  • State Management
  • Using Libraries
  • Styles
  • Skinning and Themes
  • Visual Effects
  • Dynamic Skinning and the Drawing API
  • Flash Integration
  • Loading External Assets
  • Video and Sound
  • Advanced Flash Integration
  • Working with Data
  • Formatters and Validators
  • Using the List Components
  • Advanced Data Controls
  • Drag and Drop in Flex
  • Drag and Drop in AIR
  • Using the Charting Components
  • Resource Bundles and Data Localization
  • Browser Communication in Flex
  • HTML Mashups with AIR
  • Deep Linking
  • System Interactions in Flex
  • Native Desktop Support with AIR
  • LocalConnection and Shared Objects
  • File Management with Flex
  • Local File Management with AIR
  • Introduction to RPC Services
  • Error Handling
  • Flex and Flash Media Server
  • RESTful Web Services with Flex and the Zend Framework
  • Integrating Flex and Java
  • Web Services with .NET and Flex
  • Offline Data Access with AIR
  • Introduction to LCDS
  • LCDS and ColdFusion
  • The Message Service
  • The Data Management Service
  • Advanced Data Management Services
  • The Data Services Stress Testing Framework
  • Using BlazeDS
  • MVC Frameworks
  • Introduction to Cairngorm
  • Applied Cairngorm
  • Advanced Cairngorm
  • Best Practices
  • The Security Model
  • Modular Application Development
  • Application Performance Strategies
  • Project Documenting with ASDoc
  • Desktop Deployment with AIR
  • Dual Deployment for Flex and AIR
  • Debugging Flex Applications
  • Using the Flex Profiler
  • Unit Testing and Test‐Driven Development with FlexUnit
  • The Logging Framework
  • The Automation Framework


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