Professional IronPython

  • 8h 13m
  • John Paul Mueller
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2010

Create applications that are more responsive to user needs

IronPython should be an important part of your developer's toolbox and this book will quickly get you up and running with this powerful language. John Paul Mueller clearly shows how IronPython can help you create better desktop or web-based applications in less time and with fewer errors. Throughout the pages, you'll find techniques for extending IronPython and making it a more robust language. In addition, you'll follow advanced steps such as building an IronPython extension that directly accesses the Win32 API. And you'll enhance your skill set as you introduce IronPython into other environments such as Linux and Mac OS X.

Professional IronPython:

  • Demonstrates how to build applications that every developer needs to know when starting a new language
  • Explains how to create Windows Forms applications, interact with COM objects, and work at the command line
  • Uncovers how to work with XML, the Dynamic Language Runtime, and other .NET languages
  • Shows how you can use IronPython to improve your testing process for just about any language
  • Discusses techniques for using IronPython with the Python Standard Library

About the Author

John Paul Mueller is the owner of DataCon Services, a consulting firm, where he has written code for everything from database management systems (DBMS) to low-level hardware access code. He is the author of more than 80 books covering topics such as Web Services, web development, and Win32 API. He has also published over 300 articles.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Discovering IronPython
  • Understanding the IronPython Basics
  • Implementing Structured Language Elements
  • Using Arrays and Collections
  • Interacting with Structures and Objects
  • Using the Python Standard Library
  • Accessing the .NET Framework
  • Creating Windows Forms Applications
  • Interacting with COM Objects
  • Using IronPython for Administration Tasks
  • Developing ASP.NET Applications
  • Debugging IronPython Applications
  • Working with XML Data
  • Interacting with the DLR
  • Using IronPython from other .NET Languages
  • Extending IronPython Using C#
  • Extending IronPython Using Visual Basic.NET
  • Using IronPython for Application Testing
  • Using IronPython with Mono