Professional Java Tools for Extreme Programming

  • 10h 15m
  • Richard Hightower, Warner Onstine, et al.
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2004

The Extreme Programming (XP) methodology enables you to build and test enterprise systems quickly without sacrificing quality. In the last few years, open source developers have created or significantly improved a host of Java XP tools, from XDoclet, Maven, AntHill, and Eclipse to Ant, JUnit, and Cactus. This practical, code-intensive guide shows you how to put these tools to work and capitalize on the benefits of Extreme Programming.

Using an example pet store application, our expert Java developers demonstrate how to harness the latest versions of Ant and XDoclet for automated building and continuous integration. They then explain how to automate the testing process using JUnit, Cactus, and other tools, and to enhance project management and continuous integration through Maven and AntHill. Finally, they show you how to work with XP tools in the new Eclipse IDE.

Complete with real-world advice on how to implement the principles and practices of effective developers, this book delivers everything you need to harness the power of Extreme Programming in your own projects.

What you will learn from this book

  • How to automate the building of J2EE apps and components with Ant and XDoclet
  • Techniques for automating Java testing JUnit
  • Procedures for automating servlet, JSP, and other J2EE testing using Cactus
  • Ways to automate Swing testing with Jemmy, JFCUnit, and Abbot
  • How to manage projects using Maven
  • Techniques for automating continuous integration with AntHill and Cruise Control
  • How to harness plugins for JUnit, Cactus, and Ant in the Eclipse IDE
  • Ways to implement Extreme Programming best practices

In this Book

  • Professional Java Tools for Extreme Programming
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Extreme Programming
  • J2EE Deployment Concepts
  • Storing and Managing Code with CVS
  • Ant Primer
  • Building Java Applications with Ant
  • Building J2EE Applications with Ant
  • XDoclet Primer
  • Building J2EE Web Components with Ant and XDoclet
  • Building EJBs with Ant and XDoclet
  • Building Struts Apps with Ant and XDoclet
  • Creating Custom Ant Tasks
  • Creating XDoclet Custom Tags and Templates
  • Unit Testing with JUnit
  • Load Testing with JUnitPerf
  • Defect Tracking with Bugzilla
  • Functional Testing with HttpUnit
  • Chapter 17: Performance Testing with JMeter
  • Cactus Primer
  • Testing Servlets and Filters with Cactus
  • JspTestCases and Testing Custom Tags with Cactus
  • Testing EJBs with Cactus
  • Code Coverage with jcoverage
  • Swing Testing with Jemmy
  • Swing Testing with jfcUnit
  • Swing Testing with Abbot
  • Managing Projects with Maven
  • Automating Continuous Integration with CruiseControl
  • Automating Continuous Integration with AntHill
  • Ant Tag Reference
  • Ant API Reference
  • JUnit API Reference
  • Cactus API Reference
  • HttpUnit API Reference
  • JUnitPerf API Reference


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