Professional Python Frameworks: Web 2.0 Programming with Django and Turbogears

  • 6h 29m
  • Dana Moore, Raymond Budd, William Wright
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

As two of the leading MVC web frameworks for Python, Django and TurboGears allow you to develop and launch sites in a fraction of the time compared to traditional techniques and they provide greater stability, scalability, and management than alternatives. Packed with examples, this book will help you discover a new methodology for designing, coding, testing, and deploying rich web applications.

A team of expert authors shows you the power of MVC frameworks and the capabilities of the TurboGears and Django packages. The Django chapters show you how to automate production of common web development tasks, portal creation, and content management, so you can focus on higher-level application issues and design. The TurboGears chapters illustrate how to rapidly create modern, highly interactive Web 2.0 applications. For both frameworks, you'll create useful applications that exemplify common Web 2.0 design paradigms and their solutions. Ultimately, you'll leverage your Python skills using Django and TurboGears and go from novice to RIA expert.

What you will learn from this book

  • How you can use frameworks to save you time and frustration in the development cycle
  • The elements, differences, and similarities of the TurboGears and Django frameworks
  • Advanced capabilities of both frameworks and how they easily solve issues common to web applications
  • Approaches to simplifying your client side JavaScript with MochiKit, a Pythonic JavaScript library
  • How to pair TurboGears with Flash for even more possibilities

Who this book is for

This book is for Python developers who want to learn rapid Web 2.0 development techniques using frameworks and incorporating a model-view-controller architecture.

About the Authors

Dana Moore is a division scientist with BBN Technologies and is an acknowledged expert in the fields of peer-to-peer and collaborative computing, software agent frameworks, and assistive environments. Prior to joining BBN, Dana was chief scientist for Roku Technologies and a distinguished member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories. Dana is a popular conference speaker and a university lecturer. He has written articles for numerous computing publications and coauthored the books Peer-to-Peer: Building Secure, Scalable, and Manageable Networks; Jabber Developer’s Handbook; and Rich Internet Applications. Dana holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial design, also from the University of Maryland.

Raymond Budd is a software engineer with BBN Technologies. He has designed, developed, and supported a variety of web applications and other distributed systems in Java, Ruby, and Python. He has been published in several conference proceedings such as the Eighteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and journals including Applied Intelligence. Additional areas of interest include knowledge representations, knowledge engineering, and distributed planning and scheduling. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh.

William Wright is a senior principal investigator with SPARTA, where he develops networking software for systems distributed across the globe. His interests include real-time embedded systems, software architecture for reuse, and software agent frameworks. A frequent conference speaker, William has also written for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Java Developer’s Journal, and Embedded Systems Programming, among others. He coauthored the books Jabber Developer’s Handbook and Beginning Java Networking. William holds a Master of Science degree in computer science from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Music degree in education from Indiana University.

In this Book

  • Web 2.0, Python, and Frameworks
  • Web 2.0 with Traditional Python
  • Introducing the Frameworks
  • Introduction to TurboGears
  • User Identity and Visitor Tracking
  • Widgets
  • Advanced TurboGears Topics
  • Dblog—A Blog Implemented in Django
  • Django Views and Users
  • Advanced Django Topics—AJAX, RSS, and More
  • MochiKit—Pythonic JavaScripting
  • Flash-Based Interfaces and TurboGears