Professional Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming

  • 16h 5m
  • Bill Sheldon, Billy Hollis, et al.
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

After a quick review of the of introductory topics of Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5, this book moves quickly into advanced topics such as data access with ADO.NET, security, ASP.NET web programming with Visual Basic, Windows workflow, and threading. You'll explore the essential Visual Basic 2012 functions you need, including .NET features such as LINQ, WCF, and more. Plus, you'll examine exception handling and debugging, Visual Studio features, and deployment.

  • Puts the new Async keyword and Iterators to work
  • Explores new options and interfaces presented by Windows 8 development and WinRT
  • Continues strong coverage of core language elements and tools and creating componentized applications

This updated version of Professional Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5 retains its expert author team, including one of the best-known and respected Microsoft Visual Basic MVPs, Bill Sheldon, and Microsoft Regional Director “Software Legend” Billy Hollis.

About the Authors

Bill Sheldon, Visual Basic MVP for 8 years, is the Vice President of Information Technology for Rubio's Restaurants. He can be found at @NerdNotes.

Billy Hollis, MVP, is a developer and UX designer at Next Version Systems. He is also a well-known and prolific speaker and trainer.

Rob Windsor, MVP, is Lead SharePoint Consultant with Portal Solutions—a Microsoft Gold Partner.

David McCarter, MVP, is a principal software engineer/architect and editor-in-chief of

Gaston C. Hillar, MVP, is tech leader and architect at Bootsoft Inc. He contributes to Dr. Dobbs and blogs for Intel Software Network.

Todd Herman is a senior software engineer at Apx Labs focused on developing a library to support the XMPP standard.

In this Book

  • Visual Studio 2012
  • The Common Language Runtime
  • Objects and Visual Basic
  • Custom Objects
  • Advanced Language Constructs
  • Exception Handling and Debugging
  • Arrays, Collections, and Generics
  • Using XML with Visual Basic
  • ADO.NET and LINQ
  • Data Access with the Entity Framework
  • Services (XML/WCF)
  • XAML Essentials
  • Creating XAML Applications for Windows 8
  • Applications with ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Localization
  • Application Services
  • Assemblies and Reflection
  • Security in the .NET Framework
  • Parallel Programming Using Tasks and Threads
  • Deploying XAML Applications via the Windows 8 Windows Store


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