Programming Arduino Projects with the PIC Microcontroller

  • 8h 19m
  • Hubert Henry Ward
  • Apress
  • 2021

Now that you’ve built a few Arduino projects, and reused some pre-written sketches, it’s time to move onto the next step and explore the world of embedded programming. To truly up-skill, you'll need to understand how your code works, and that's where this book comes in.

You'll review and work with 13 Arduino projects plus two extra ones written for a PIC microcontroller. Each one is accompanied with a basic circuit diagram and photos of the program working Ideal for the Arduino hobbyist and PIC programmers who want to merge their skills, this comprehensive book will go over every aspect of the 8-bit microcontroller, provide line-by-line analysis of the code, and in the end, show you how to bring your Arduino projects to the PIC microcontroller using C. You'll gain a full understanding of how the C instructions work and can be used with the PIC microcontroller.

Programming Arduino Projects with the PIC Microcontroller is a one-stop reference material for the would-be embedded programmer.

What You’ll Learn

  • Examine how the code works
  • Create code to perform any function
  • Build practical projects on vero boards with full vero plans and circuit diagrams
  • Understand how programs work by simulation with an ECAD package

Who This Book Is For

Would-be embedded programmers, Arduino hobbyists, and PIC programmers.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Introducing MPLABX
  • Programming Basics
  • The Seven-Segment Display and the Stepper Motor
  • The Joystick and the Stepper Motor
  • DC Motors
  • Ultrasonic Distance, and Humidity and Temperature Sensors
  • Working with Keypads
  • Using Bluetooth with PIR Motion Sensors
  • Communication
  • Using the I2C Protocol
  • Using the UART
  • Real-Time Clock and Interrupts
  • Working with LCDs
  • Analyzing Obscure Instructions and Logic Operators in C