Programming Fundamentals Using MATLAB

  • 8h 57m
  • Michael C. Weeks
  • Mercury Learning
  • 2020

This book covers the MATLAB syntax and the environment, suitable for someone with no programming background. The first four chapters present information on basic MATLAB programming including computing terminology, MATLAB specific syntax and control structures, operators, arrays, and matrices. The next cluster covers grouping data, working with files, making images, creating graphical user interfaces, experimenting with sound, and the debugging environment. The final three chapters contain case studies on using MATLAB and other tools and devices (e.g., Arduino, Linux, Git, Mex, etc.) important for basic programming knowledge. Companion files with code and 4-color figures are on the disc or available from the publisher.


  • Covers the MATLAB syntax and the environment, suitable for someone with no programming background
  • Numerous examples, projects, and practical applications enhance understanding of subjects under discussion with over 100 MATLAB scripts and functions

About the Author

Michael Weeks, PhD is an associate professor of computer science at Georgia State University. He has authored numerous research articles with reputed international publishers such as the ACM, Springer, Elsevier, and IEEE.

In this Book

  • The MATLAB Environment and Programming Terminology
  • MATLAB Programming Basics
  • Relational Operators, Boolean Values, and Logical Operators
  • Arrays and Matrices
  • Grouping Data
  • File Input and Output
  • Recursion
  • Images
  • Working with a Graphical User Interface
  • Sound
  • Getting Help and Debugging
  • Practical MATLAB Programming and Debugging Case Studies—Homebrewing Data
  • Advanced Programming Concerns
  • Other Useful Computing Tools
  • Bibliography