Project Finance for Business Development

  • 5h 30m
  • John E. Triantis
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2018

Raise the skill and competency level of project finance organizations

Project Finance for Business Development helps readers understand how to develop a competitive advantage through project finance. Most importantly, it shows how different elements of project finance, such as opportunity screening and evaluation, project development, risk management, and due diligence come together to structure viable and financeable projects—which are crucial pieces missing from the current literature.

Eliminating misconceptions about what is really important for successful project financings, this book shows you how to develop, structure, and implement projects successfully by creating competitive advantage. By shedding light on project finance failures, it also helps you avoid failures of your own.

  • Offers a roadmap for successful financing, participant roles and responsibilities, and assessing and testing project viability
  • Considers project finance from a broad business development and competitive advantage
  • Provides a strategic decision-forecasting perspective
  • Delves deeper than existing treatments of project finance into decisions needed to create and implement effective financing plans

Helping readers develop, structure, and implement projects successfully by creating competitive advantage, this book is a useful tool for project sponsors and developers, helping them structure and implement projects by creating competitive advantage.

In this Book

  • Introduction—Why Project Finance for Business Development?
  • Overview of Project Finance—The Nature of the Beast
  • The Record of Project Finance—Lessons to Avoid Failures
  • Project Financing Processes—Roadmaps for Successful Financing
  • Project Finance Organizations—Built for Competitive Advantage
  • Project Development—Viability and Financeability Essentials
  • Participants and Responsibilities—Activities and Deliverables
  • Project Finance Forecasting—Ensuring Sound Decision Making
  • Project Contracts and Agreements—Critical to Project Finance
  • Project Risk Management—Crucial for Project Success
  • Project Due Diligence—A Pillar of Viability and Financeability
  • Funding Sources and Programs—Essential Knowledge and Alliances
  • Structuring Project Finance—How Everything Comes Together
  • Project Financial Model—Assessing and Testing Financeability
  • Trends Impacting Project Finance—Opportunities and Threats
  • Project Finance—A Source of Competitive Advantage?
  • Bibliography


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