Project Management for Banks

  • 1h 54m
  • Dan Bonner
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2021

Project management processes have been intertwined within every fabric of human evolution including advances in communication, farming, construction, medicine, law, architecture, physics, and economics to name a few. At each evolutionary stage, there was a project manager who was studying the how and why of everything, trying new techniques, and documenting trials, errors and successes until a specific craft was mastered, thrusting progress forward in an upward trajectory that has been carved into human history.

There are countless books and articles that focus on the practice of project management. What makes this book different is the focus placed largely on the project management processes for United States (U.S) bankers. This book starts with a look at the historical progression of project management processes but quickly focuses the material on project management processes for bankers, heavily leaning towards project managers in United States (U.S.) banks. The book also looks at the bank regulatory agencies that govern U.S. banks, regulations critical to the U.S banking system, and concludes with an overview of U.S. banking technologies and the management of a U.S. banking customer call center.

The book provides a comprehensive perspective on the U.S. banking project management processes, the regulatory agencies that govern and influence those processes, how technology, and more specifically, the development and use of artificial intelligence, will create a shift in the evolutionary trajectory of U.S. banking practices, and how U.S. banking project management practices will be at the core of how quickly and how successfully this evolution unfolds.

In this Book

  • Description
  • The History of Project Management
  • Step-by-Step Project Management for U.S. Bankers
  • Introduction to Agile Project Management in Banking
  • Using Bank Compliance Software
  • Understanding Key Issues in Bank Project Management
  • Mastering Bank Project Management Challenges
  • Introduction to Bank Regulatory Agencies
  • Introduction to Bank Compliance Regulations
  • The Future—AI Projects in Banking
  • Top Strategies for Call Center Management
  • References