Quantum Networking

  • 6h 17m
  • Rodney Van Meter
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Quantum networks build on entanglement and quantum measurement to achieve tasks that are beyond the reach of classical systems. Using quantum effects, we can detect the presence of eavesdroppers, raise the sensitivity of scientific instruments such as telescopes, or teleport quantum data from one location to another. Long-distance entanglement can be used to execute important tasks such as Byzantine agreement and leader election in fewer rounds of communication than classical systems, improving the efficiency of operations that are critical in distributed systems.

About the Author

Rodney Van Meter is an Associate Professor of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University in Japan. Educated at Caltech, the University of Southern California, and Keio, he has over a quarter of a century's experience in both academia and industry, in both Japan and the United States. He designs quantum computers and quantum networks, as well as computer storage systems.

In this Book

  • Overview
  • Quantum Background
  • Networking Background
  • Teleportation
  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Distributed Digital Computation and Communication
  • Entangled States as Reference Frames
  • Physical Entanglement and Link-Layer Protocols
  • Purification
  • Purification and Entanglement Swapping-Based Repeaters
  • Quantum Error Correction-Based Repeaters
  • Finessing the Key Limitations
  • Resource Management and Multiplexing
  • Routintg
  • Quantum Recursive Network Architecture
  • Coda