Query Store for SQL Server 2019: Identify and Fix Poorly Performing Queries

  • 2h 23m
  • Grant Fritchey, Tracy Boggiano
  • Apress
  • 2019

Apply the new Query Store feature to identify and fix poorly performing queries in SQL Server.

Query Store is an important and recent feature in SQL Server that provides insight into the details of query execution and how that execution has changed over time. Query Store helps to identify queries that aren’t performing well, or that have regressed in their performance. Query Store provides detailed information such as wait stats that you need to resolve root causes, and it allows you to force the use of a known good execution plan. With SQL Server 2017 and later you can automate the correction of regressions in performance.

Query Store for SQL Server 2019 helps you protect your database’s performance during upgrades of applications or version of SQL Server. The book provides fundamental information on how Query Store works and best practices for implementation and use. You will learn to run and interpret built-in reports, configure automatic plan correction, and troubleshoot queries using Query Store when needed. Query Store for SQL Server 2019 helps you master Query Store and bring value to your organization through consistent query execution times and automate correction of regressions.

What You'll Learn

  • Apply best practices in implementing Query Store on production servers
  • Detect and correct regressions in query performance
  • Lower the risk of performance degradation following an upgrade
  • Use tools and techniques to get the most from Query Store
  • Automate regression correction and other uses of Query Store

Who This Book Is For

SQL Server developers and administrators responsible for query performance on SQL Server. Anyone responsible for identifying poorly performing queries will be able to use Query Store to find these queries and resolve the underlying issues.

About the Authors

Tracy Boggiano is a speaker and SQL Server data professional residing in Cary, NC. Her experience with SQL Server goes back to SQL Server 6.5. Her passion outside of computers is volunteering with foster kids as their advocate in court through the North Carolina Guardian ad Litem program.

Grant Fritchey, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, has more than 20 years of experience in IT. That time was spent in technical support, development, and database administration. He currently works as Product Evangelist at Red Gate Software.

In this Book

  • What is Query Store?
  • Overview and Architecture of the Query Store
  • Configuring Query Store
  • Standard Query Store Reports
  • Query Store Catalog Views
  • Query Store Use Cases
  • Forcing Plans
  • Auto Plan Correction and Wait Statistics
  • Troubleshooting Issues with Query Store
  • Community Tools