Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter

  • 3h 19m
  • R. Dutt
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2021

Iteration rules product development, but it isn’t enough to produce dramatic results. This book champions Radical Product Thinking, a systematic methodology for building visionary, game-changing products.

In the last decade, we’ve learned to harness the power of iteration to innovate faster—we’ve invested in a fast car, but our ability to set a clear destination and navigate to it hasn't kept up.

When we iterate without a clear vision or strategy, our products become bloated, fragmented, and driven by irrelevant metrics. They catch “product diseases” that often kill innovation.

Radical Product Thinking (RPT) gives organizations a repeatable model for building world-changing products. The key? Being vision-driven instead of iteration-led. R. Dutt guides readers through the five elements of the methodology (vision, strategy, prioritization, execution and measurement, and culture) to develop a clear process for translating vision into reality, and turning RPT skills into muscle memory.

This book offers refreshing solutions to the shortcomings of our current model for product development; be prepared to toss out everything you know about a good vision and learn how to measure progress to create revolutionary products. The best part? You don’t have to be a natural-born visionary to produce extraordinary results.

In this Book

  • Why We need Radical Product Thinking
  • Product Diseases: When Good Products go Bad
  • Vision: Envisioning Change
  • Strategy: Connecting the Why with the How
  • Prioritization: Bringing Balance to the Force
  • Execution and Measurement: Taking Action (Finally!)
  • Culture: Radical Product Thinking Your Organization
  • Digital Pollution: The Collateral Damage to Society
  • Ethics: The Hippocratic Oath of Product


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