Rapid Java Persistence and Microservices: Persistence Made Easy Using Java EE8, JPA and Spring

  • 2h 34m
  • Dheeraj Malhotra
  • Apress
  • 2019

Gain all the essentials you need to create scalable microservices, which will help you solve real challenges when deploying services into production. This book will take you through creating a scalable data layer with polygot persistence. You’ll cover data access and query patterns in Spring and JPA in high-performance environments. As part of this topic, you’ll see the advantages of multiple persistence frameworks in Java and especially the easy persistence offered by NoSQL databases and reactive web solutions.

The last few chapters present advanced concepts that are useful for very high-performance real-time applications: you’ll implement applications using Spring’s good support for Web sockets in their raw form as well as for connecting to message brokers such as RabbitMQ. This can be useful for applications such as navigation systems and gaming platforms.

What You Will Learn

  • Build end-to-end modern applications using microservices, persistence essentials, reactive web, and other high-performance concepts
  • Master Spring’s configuration options
  • Secure microservices efficiently
  • Monitor your services post deployment

Who This Book Is For

Java developers and architects interested in microservices.

About the Author

Raj Malhotra is a passionate, hands on experienced leader with a proven track record. With proven experience in architecting large-scale software systems with complex performance and availability requirements, he has delivered innovative products and solutions across various domains. He has worked with startups and enterprises as well as with service-based companies. He has built systems capable of handling millions of operations/sec with complex workflows.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Developing Microservices with Java
  • Basic Persistence with Spring
  • Common Use Cases with JPA
  • Java Persistence Without ORMs
  • Deep Dive Into Microservices Development with Java
  • Java GraphQL Development
  • Java Reactive Development
  • Java Websockets Development
  • Java Serverless Development
  • Java Messaging
  • Java Language and Ecosystem Recap