Real-Time Embedded Multithreading: Using ThreadX, Second Edition

  • 6h 8m
  • Edward L. Lamie
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2009

This second edition of Real-Time Embedded Multithreading contains the fundamentals of developing real-time operating systems and multithreading with all the new functionality of ThreadX Version 5. ThreadX has been deployed in approximately 500 million devices worldwide. General concepts and terminology are detailed along with problem solving of common pitfalls and problems. The features and services of ThreadX are reviewed. The references to a specific processor have been removed to allow for the book to be technology agnostic and applicable to all types of microprocessors that the reader may be working with.

  • A great introduction to real-time systems including general concepts and terminology
  • Get to know ThreadX 5, a real-time operating system, from an insider

About the Author

Edward L. Lamie is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science. His areas of academic emphasis during his 31 years in higher education have been in the areas of software engineering and operating systems. He was also the founding chair of computer science departments at Central Michigan University and California State University, Stanislaus. Ed continues to teach occasional graduate-level courses and conducts hands-on RTOS training classes for Express Logic, Inc.

In this Book

  • Embedded and Real-Time Systems
  • First Look at a System Using an RTOS
  • RTOS Concepts and Definitions
  • RTOS Building Blocks for System Development
  • The Thread—The Essential Component
  • Mutual Exclusion Challenges and Considerations
  • Memory Management: Byte Pools and Block Pools
  • Internal System Clock and Application Timers
  • Event Notification and Synchronization with Counting Semaphores
  • Synchronization of Threads Using Event Flags Groups
  • Thread Communication with Message Queues
  • Advanced Topics
  • Case Study: Designing a Multithreaded System