Real-Time Twilio and Flybase: Build Real-Time Web Apps Using Twilio and Flybase with Node.js

  • 1h 4m
  • Roger Stringer
  • Apress
  • 2021

Use Flybase and Twilio with Node.js to build real-time solutions and understand how real-time web technologies work. Written by the founder of Flybase, this book offers you practical solutions for communicating effectively with users on the modern web. is a web platform, used to store and retrieve data in real-time, as well as to send and receive real-time events such as triggers for incoming calls, incoming messages, agents logging off, etc.

You will learn to send daily SMS messages, build an SMS call center to provide support to users, and build a call center to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls from the browser. You'll also build a group calling system to let groups send messages to each other: handy for managing events.

Real-Time Twilio brings to light using the winning combination of Flybase and Twilio with Node.js for anyone with basic web development skills.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop web apps with Flybase and Twilio
  • Build a live blogging tool and a group chat app
  • Create a click-to-call call center and a Salesforce-powered call center
  • Send daily SMS reminders
  • Develop a real-time call tracking dashboard

Who This Book Is For

Those who want to learn to use Twilio and who wants to learn real-time development.

In this Book

  • Building a Real-Time SMS Call Center
  • Building a Live Blogging Tool
  • Building a Real-Time Group Chat App
  • Creating a Click-to-Call Call Center
  • Building a Salesforce-Powered Call Center
  • Sending Daily SMS Reminders
  • Building a Real-Time Call Tracking Dashboard