Religion and Its Impact on Organizational Behavior

  • 6h 13m
  • Ebtihaj Al-Aali, Gardenia Jassim AlSaffar, Meryem Masmoudi
  • IGI Global
  • 2021

Religion and its effect on individuals in organizations is critical to understand as organizational behavior and culture are dependent upon individual employees. Evaluating the link between religion and organizations is important in today’s world in order to develop organizations and understand employee motivations, perspectives, and ideals. Further research into this link is needed to ensure organizations operate successfully and prosper.

Religion and Its Impact on Organizational Behavior seeks to enhance the understanding of theories, concepts, procedures, and processes related to the impact and effect that religion has on the behavior of individuals in organizations. Covering a range of topics such as personality and religion, human perception of religion, and work-related attitudes, this book is ideal for practitioners, industry professionals, business owners, policymakers, researchers, academicians, instructors, and students.

About the Author

Dr. Ebtihaj Al A’Aali is an Associate professor. She worked for thirty years at the University of Bahrain . She holds a PhD in industrial psychology and industrial sociology from University of Lancaster in U.K. She published extensively in different areas. Her research interest varies from women in management, Business ethics, Organizational Behavioral, research methodology and Chang management. She published two books with IGI.

Meryem Masmoudi is Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Bahrain, College of Business Administration. She holds a PhD in Management from University of Tunis (2013). She has been involved in teaching and research in the areas of management, organizational change and development and management science. Meryem has published research papers in top international refereed journals (ANOR, JORS, ITOR, INFOR). She is a member of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making and the Tunisian Decision Aid Society.

In this Book

  • Human Behaviour in Organizations—An Enhancement Perspective
  • Do Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace Matter? Concepts, Perspectives, and Implications
  • Islamic Work Ethic—A Content-Analysis Based Literature Review
  • Authenticity, Religiosity, and Organizational Opportunity—Exploring the Synergies between Religion, Spirituality, and Organizational Behavior
  • The Influence of Religion and Spirituality on Managing Individuals in Organizations—Reflections from the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Spirituality and the Negotiating Ability of Leaders
  • Religion in the Workplace—The Case of Bahraini Banks
  • Confluence of Workplace Spirituality and Leadership
  • Leadership Styles—The Case of Islamic Banks
  • Student Character Building and Behaviour Through Islamic Value-Based Teaching—A Reference to Islamic School Organizations in Malaysia
  • Compilation of References
  • Related References