Retail Marketing Strategy: Delivering Shopper Delight

  • 5h 21m
  • Constant Berkhout
  • Kogan Page
  • 2016

Retail operated comfortably for years using concepts governing physical retail environments. However, change has taken place across all retail sectors, brought on by the internet and social media; it is now necessary to adopt customer-driven strategies based on a multi-channel environment to remain competitive and relevant.

Retail Marketing Strategy bases shopper marketing strategy on customer insights, resulting in elevated consumer satisfaction and a more effective shopping environment. Using five key elements, author Constant Berkhout presents solutions to questions in retail, including how to innovate, how to develop new ways to interact with customers across multiple channels, and how to replicate online success stories. He offers guidance on collating and interpreting data generated in shopper activity to help make sense of trends and to build effective strategy and incorporating experiential elements to thoroughly engage with consumers on an emotional level.

About the Author

Constant Berkhout is an experienced retail marketing and shopper insights consultant, having worked at Kraft Foods, Gillette/P&G, and PepsiCo. As Founder of Rijnbrug Advies, he develops new ways to grow retail categories and connect with the shopper for a diverse range of food, non-food, and supplier clients.

In this Book

  • Delivering Shopper Happiness
  • The Myth of Impulse Purchasing
  • Tapping into Irrational Shopper Behaviour
  • Understanding the Shopper Brain through Neuro Research
  • Channel Preference: The Future of the Hypermarket Channel
  • What the Shopper Wants from Online Shopping Channels
  • Getting Your Assortment Right
  • Really Making Loyalty Card Programmes Work
  • Making Big Data Digestible
  • The Unstoppable Growth of Private Labels and Opportunities for A-brands
  • The Unexplainable Effect of Music
  • Can Scents Work Wonders?
  • Self-Scanning is More than Savings
  • The Birth of Category Management
  • True Customer Understanding
  • Shopper Marketing: New Phase of Trade Marketing
  • Retailers in Action to Increase Shopper Happiness