Revenue Management: A Path to Increased Profits, Second Edition

  • 2h 41m
  • Ronald J. Huefner
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2015

This book presents the topic of revenue management from a managerial accounting and financial management perspective. Its audience includes finance and accounting executives and managers, CPAs and consultants, and MBA and EMBA students and faculty interested in managerial accounting and financial management. It adds a field of parallel interest to the well-established field of cost management. The topic is important as individuals in the above-mentioned audience need to analyze revenue management decisions from an accounting/finance perspective. Thus, an accounting/finance dimension is added to the existing marketing, modeling, and industry-specific literatures. Only a handful of references exist in the accounting/finance literatures at this time. The reader will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the field of revenue management, its history and applications, and its extensions to a variety of business types, as reflected in the various literatures of this field. These will be then integrated with managerial accounting and finance concepts so that the reader has a framework for the analysis of revenue management decisions.

In this Book

  • Revenue Management─A Path to Increased Profits, Second Edition
  • Preface
  • What Is Revenue Management and Why Is It Important?
  • Origins and Applications of Revenue Management
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis of Revenue Management Decisions
  • Setting Prices: An Overview
  • Revenue Management Techniques
  • Customer Reactions to Revenue Management Techniques
  • Additional Tools for Analysis of Revenue Management Decisions
  • Revenue Management and Capacity Analysis
  • Revenue Management and the Theory of Constraints
  • Relating Revenue Management to Customer Value
  • Are Your Customers Profitable?
  • Making Revenue Management Decisions
  • Emerging Issues in Revenue Management
  • Notes
  • References