RF Electronics for Electronic Warfare

  • 8h 54m
  • Richard A. Poisel
  • Artech House
  • 2019

This exciting new resource investigates the function of RF communication in electronic warfare systems. The book provides in-depth coverage of how RF signals must be constructed to perform jamming missions, which prevent a receiver from properly extracting a target signal. Technical descriptions of oscillators and modulators, which generate the RF signals, are presented and explored. Power supplies that generate adequate power for fueling high power amplifiers are also described and their operations investigated.

In this Book

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Modulation and Modulators
  • EW Exciters
  • Introduction to RF Amplifiers
  • Semiconductor Technologies
  • BJT Amplifiers
  • MOSFET Amplifiers
  • Active Device Biasing
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • Amplifier Stability
  • Power Amplifier Linearity
  • Thermal Management of RF Power Amplifiers
  • Power Supplies for RF Power Amplifiers
  • Acronyms