Ruby on Rails Bible

  • 10h 8m
  • Timothy Fisher
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2008

Get on the RoR track and build powerful Web apps with ease

Thanks to the explosive growth in popularity of the Rails framework, the equally popular Ruby programming language now has a great place to hang its hat. The powerful combination of the two provides the perfect toolset to create Web applications that feature concise code, clean syntax, and easy maintenance. This must-read book is your best guide on how to jump on the RoR bandwagon, from the basics of Ruby programming to advanced techniques for experienced Rails developers.

  • Get up to speed on Ruby basics, including objects, irb, and built-ins
  • Explore the Model, Controller, and View layers of the Rails framework
  • Understand the "convention over configuration" philosophy of Ruby on Rails
  • Walk through the development of a complete Rails application
  • Set up a database, build a model, use scripts, and test and debug
  • Master advanced Rails, including Prototype, Scriptaculous, and topics such as Web Services

About the Author

Timothy Fisher has over 17 years of experience in the software development industry. He has served in a variety of roles including chief architect, technical team lead, and senior architect and developer. Tim is currently an architect with the Compuware Corporation Professional Services Group in Detroit, Michigan.

Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework have consumed Tim’s interest and have led him to find the Southeastern Michigan Ruby Users Group, as well as owning and maintaining the Michigan Ruby Users Group Web site, Tim is currently working on a large Ruby/Rails collaborative project management and planning application to be released as an open source project in 2008.

Tim is an experienced technical writer and author who has contributed to Java developer’s Journal and XML Journal and written the Java Phrasebook published by Pearson Ed. in 2006. In addition to his technical skills Tim holds a degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in education with a specialty in instructional design for online learning.

In this Book

  • Learning Ruby
  • Getting Started with Rails
  • Using Active Record
  • Controller—In Depth
  • View—In Depth
  • Developing Book Shelf—The Basic Framework
  • Developing Book Shelf—Adding the Core Functionality
  • Developing Book Shelf—Social Support
  • Testing the Book Shelf Application
  • Using Prototype and
  • Extending Rails
  • Advanced Topics


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