Rule Breaker: Rebellious Leadership for the Future of Work

  • 3h 37m
  • Jackie Fast
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Revolutionize your approach to leadership and join the ranks of a new wave of powerful business leaders in touch with their times.

The world of business has changed. Driven by cataclysmic technological advances, big corporates don't always rule and organizational lifespans are decreased. The winners of today might be dethroned by a surprise new entrant tomorrow. These are times of high-growth and low overheads businesses - what kind of leadership will the winners of tomorrow need? Rule Breaker is a manifesto for a new wave of leadership. One that operates in flatter workplaces where command and control doesn't work, and where people are entrusted with powerful purpose that grows businesses and communities.

Award-winning entrepreneur, Jackie Fast, details how we have got here and why a whole new generation of workers is moving away from traditional models of work. Rule Breaker shows how you can tap into a purposeful and engaged community of talent, harnessing true diversity and collaboration to unveil business practice that is steeped in trust, longevity and reinvention.

To remain a highly successful leader in a future of radical change, you need to do more than fly the flag at the top of the podium supported by those beneath you. You must join the frontline and pave the way. Throw away the rule book, encourage rebelliousness, ask questions and lead by example.

Lead the organization of the future with a new type of leadership that is grounded in trust, value and reinvention in today's changing business landscape.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Business Unusual
  • I Built it in My Bedroom
  • ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ is Broken
  • Replacing the C-Suite
  • Earning the Right to Lead
  • Complacency is Not an Option
  • The Future is Collaborative
  • The Future is Here
  • References


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