SAP MII: Functional and Technical Concepts in Manufacturing Industries

  • 3h 42m
  • Saptaparna Mukherjee (Das), Suman Mukherjee
  • Apress
  • 2017

Leverage the flexibility and power of SAP MII to integrate your business operations with your manufacturing processes. You'll explore important new features of the product and see how to apply best practices to connect all the stakeholders in your business.

This book starts with an overview of SAP's manufacturing integration and intelligence application and explains why it is so important. You'll then see how it is applied in various manufacturing sectors.

The biggest challenge in manufacturing industries is to reduce the manual work and human intervention so that the process becomes automatic. SAP MII explains how to bridge the gap between management and production and bring sound vital information to the shop floor in real time.

With this book you'll see how to ensure existing manufacturing and information systems share a common interface for all users in your enterprise.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the functional aspects of SAP MII
  • Implement SAP MII in different Manufacturing sectors
  • Explore new technical features of SAP MII 12.x
  • Integrate scenarios with SAP MII
  • Discover practice guidelines

Who This Book is for

All levels of SAP manufacturing professionals.

About the Authors

Suman Mukherjee has around 7 years of IT experience with specialization in SAP manufacturing domain. He is currently working under Cognizant Technology Solutions as Technical Lead in SAP Manufacturing Business Unit. He worked on many high quality global manufacturing solutions by defining the architecture design and managing the deliverables by leading the team for custom SAP MII, MEINT and OEE applications. He worked as a technical reviewer for a SAP OEE book. He is actively involved in SCN SAP MII/OEE articles, discussions and has authored several technical blogs. He has been recognized as SCN Topic Leader for SAP MII. Previously he worked with IBM India Pvt. Ltd and Infosys India Limited. He has a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.

Saptaparna Mukherjee (Das) is associated with Cognizant Technology Solutions as a SAP MII Subject Matter Expert and Business Analyst in the Engineering Manufacturing Business Unit. She has around 7 years of IT experience with specializations in several SAP domains. She worked on several manufacturing implementaion projects and proposals involving SAP MII, SAP OEE, SAP MEINT and SAP ECC and managing the deliverables by leading the team in onsite-offshore role. She contributed in SCN for several technical discussions, forums and blogs. Previously, she worked with L&T Infotech Solutions. She has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Technology from Nagpur University.

In this Book

  • SAP MII Overview
  • Why Use SAP MII in Manufacturing Industries
  • Basics of SAP MII
  • Implementation of SAP MII in Discrete Manufacturing Industries
  • SAP MII Implementation in Process Manufacturing
  • Integration with SAP MII
  • New Features of SAP MII
  • Best Practices and FAQs