SAS Functions by Example, Second Edition

  • 4h 57m
  • Ron Cody
  • SAS Institute
  • 2010

Fully updated for SAS 9.2, Ron Cody's SAS Functions by Example, Second Edition, is a must-read reference for anyone who programs in Base SAS. With the addition of functions new to SAS 9.2, this comprehensive reference manual now includes more than 200 functions, including new character, date and time, distance, probability, sort, and special functions. This new edition also contains more examples for existing functions and more details concerning optional arguments.

Like the first edition, the new edition also includes a list of SAS programs, an alphabetic list of all the functions in the book, and a comprehensive index of functions and tasks. Beginning and experienced SAS users will benefit from this useful reference guide to SAS functions.

In this Book

  • Introduction—A Brief Discussion of SAS Functions and Call Routines
  • Character Functions
  • Perl Regular Expressions
  • Sort Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Truncation Functions
  • Descriptive Statistics Functions
  • Mathematical and Numeric Functions
  • Random Number Functions
  • Special Functions
  • State and ZIP Code Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Macro Functions
  • SAS File I/O Functions
  • Variable Information Functions
  • Bitwise Logical Functions
  • List of Functions