SAS Programming for Enterprise Guide Users, Second Edition

  • 3h 23m
  • Neil Constable
  • SAS Institute
  • 2010

In this pragmatic, example-driven book, author Neil Constable demonstrates how you can use SAS code to enhance the capabilities of SAS Enterprise Guide. Designed to help you gain extra value from the products you already have, SAS Programming for Enterprise Guide Users contains tips and techniques that show you a variety of features that cannot be accessed directly through the task interfaces. In all cases, techniques are shown with examples that you can try and test, plus additional exercises are included to give you more practice. The end result is more efficient and resilient use of SAS Enterprise Guide in a wider variety of business areas.

Included is a discussion of the following subject areas:

  • the Output Delivery System
  • advanced formatting
  • macro variables and macros
  • advanced reporting using PROC REPORT
  • highlighting in reports
  • hyperlinking between reports and graphs
  • data manipulation using SQL
  • data manipulation using the DATA step
  • extended graphics

By adding small amounts of code in key areas, SAS Enterprise Guide users can get more out of the product than the tasks reveal. Users should be familiar with the SAS Enterprise Guide user interface and tasks. No programming experience is necessary.

In this Book

  • Why Do I Need to Write Code?
  • Understanding Coding with Sas Enterprise Guide
  • Getting Started
  • Data Manipulation Part 1: Queries
  • Data Manipulation Part 2: DATA Step and Functions
  • Seeing Data Differently
  • Enhancing Report Output
  • Graphical Output
  • Macros: Reusable Programming