Secrets of Resilient People: 50 Techniques you Need to Be Strong

  • 4h 9m
  • John Lees
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2014

What do resilient people know that the rest of us don't?

Do they have a secret recipe for maintaining their equilibrium during tough times?

Is there a special alchemy at work?

'The Secrets of Resilient People' reveals the 50 things you need to know to survive and thrive in tough times, maintaining a positive and productive outlook whatever the circumstances. Some will surprise you, and all will inspire you. Put these 50 simple strategies together and you will have a recipe for success, a proven formula that will unlock the secrets and uncover your potential.

In this Book

  • Check your Resilience Levels
  • Fail Forwards, Not Backwards
  • Look at What's Working, Not What isn't
  • Focus On Facts
  • Reframe Your Experience
  • Get Out of Victim Mode
  • Learn From Past Bounce-Backs
  • Blame Yourself Only When you can Learn Something
  • Don't Listen to 2 A.M. Voices
  • Stop Worrying
  • Rethink the Way you Set Goals
  • Get Better at Decision-Making
  • Use Problem Solving More Effectively
  • Fix the Things you can and Accept the Things you can't
  • Understand Your Learning Curve
  • Learn From Others
  • Recognize How Far Other People Impact On Your Resilience
  • Believe in Yourself Just A Little More
  • Deal With Imposter Syndrome
  • Fake it, But Just A Little
  • Talk About How you Feel, Not Just What you Think
  • Modify Your Behaviours Under Pressure
  • Engage With Conflict Where you Need to
  • Manage Difficult Relationships Better
  • Learn to Ask for Help
  • Get Honest Feedback
  • See Yourself as Others See you – And Shape your Reputation
  • Get Better at Organizational Politics
  • Learn to Say 'No' Better
  • Pause
  • Seek Out Calm Space
  • Think Differently About the Ups and Downs
  • Get Over Yourself
  • Practise Gratitude
  • Cut Yourself Some Slack
  • Look After Yourself Better
  • Look at Stress Differently
  • Find the Right Support
  • Help Somebody Else
  • Decode People More Effectively
  • Go With the Grain
  • Watch Out for Catastrophic Thinking
  • Focus Your Time On the Things that Matter
  • Remember Your Values
  • Get Your Life in Balance
  • Tackle Change Head-On
  • Learn Optimism
  • Toughen Up
  • Grab the Steering Wheel
  • Bounce Back and Bounce Right


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