Security Designs for the Cloud, IoT, and Social Networking

  • 5h 27m
  • Chintan Bhatt, Dac-Nhuong Le, Mani Madhukar
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2020

Security concerns around the rapid growth and variety of devices that are controlled and managed over the Internet is an immediate potential threat to all who own or use them. This book examines the issues surrounding these problems, vulnerabilities, what can be done to solve the problems, investigating the roots of the problems and how programming and attention to good security practice can combat the threats today that are a result of lax security processes on the Internet of Things, cloud computing and social media.

About the Authors

Dac-Nhuong Le obtained his PhD in computer science from Vietnam National University, Vietnam in 2015. He is Deputy-Head of Faculty of Information Technology, Haiphong University, Vietnam. His area of research includes: evaluation computing and approximate algorithms, network communication, security and vulnerability, network performance analysis and simulation, cloud computing, IoT and image processing in biomedicine. He has more than 50 publications and edited/authored 15 computer science books.

Chintan Bhatt is an Assistant Professor of U & P U Patel Department of Computer Engineering at Charotar University of Science and Technology, India. He completed his PhD in Computer Science in 2019 and his research interests include data mining, software engineering, networking, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile computing.

Mani Madhukar has 15+ years of experience in computer science with exposure to both IT industry and academia and his current position is as Program Manager-University Relations at IBM India Pvt. Ltd. His education background includes a doctorate in Computer Engineering and Executive program in Management from McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, USA. He has worked in various roles across different technologies including blockchain, cloud, data science, IBM Watson and Internet of Things. He represents IBM in various national and international forums as technical expert /panelist on various technologies.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Acronyms
  • Encryption Algorithm for Data Security in Cloud Computing
  • Analysis of Security Issues in Cloud Environment
  • Security and Challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Fog Computing and its Security Issues
  • Application Safety and Service Vulnerability in Cloud Network
  • IoT Security and Privacy Preservation
  • Automation Movie Recommender System Based on Internet of Things and Clustering
  • Societal Implications of Emerging Technologies (SMAC) and Related Privacy Challenges
  • Implementation of Rest Architecure-Based Energy-Efficient Home Automation System
  • The Vital Role of Fog Computing in Internet of Things
  • The Role of Information-Centric Security in the Modern Arena of Information Technology
  • Enabling Mobile Technology for Healthcare Service Improvements
  • Optimization of Ontology-Based Clinical Pathways and Incorporating Differential Privacy in the Healthcare System
  • Advancements and Applications in Fog Computing
  • Taxonomy of Cyber-Physical Social Systems in Intelligent Transportation
  • Cyberspace for Smart Parenting with Sensors



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