Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization, Third Edition

  • 17h 46m
  • Dieter K. Schroder
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2006

The Third Edition of the internationally lauded Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization brings the text fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and includes new pedagogical tools to assist readers. Not only does the Third Edition set forth all the latest measurement techniques, but it also examines new interpretations and new applications of existing techniques.

Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization remains the sole text dedicated to characterization techniques for measuring semiconductor materials and devices. Coverage includes the full range of electrical and optical characterization methods, including the more specialized chemical and physical techniques. Readers familiar with the previous two editions will discover a thoroughly revised and updated Third Edition, including:

  • Updated and revised figures and examples reflecting the most current data and information
  • 260 new references offering access to the latest research and discussions in specialized topics
  • New problems and review questions at the end of each chapter to test readers' understanding of the material

In addition, readers will find fully updated and revised sections in each chapter.

Plus, two new chapters have been added:

  • Charge-Based and Probe Characterization introduces charge-based measurement and Kelvin probes. This chapter also examines probe-based measurements, including scanning capacitance, scanning Kelvin force, scanning spreading resistance, and ballistic electron emission microscopy.
  • Reliability and Failure Analysis examines failure times and distribution functions, and discusses electromigration, hot carriers, gate oxide integrity, negative bias temperature instability, stress-induced leakage current, and electrostatic discharge.

Written by an internationally recognized authority in the field, Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization remains essential reading for graduate students as well as for professionals working in the field of semiconductor devices and materials.

In this Book

  • Resistivity
  • Carrier and Doping Density
  • Contact Resistance and Schottky Barriers
  • Series Resistance, Channel Length and Width, and Threshold Voltage
  • Defects
  • Oxide and Interface Trapped Charges, Oxide Thickness
  • Carrier Lifetimes
  • Mobility
  • Charge-Based and Probe Characterization
  • Optical Characterization
  • Chemical and Physical Characterization
  • Reliability and Failure Analysis