Server Architectures: Multiprocessors, Clusters, Parallel Systems, Web Servers, and Storage Solutions

  • 11h 49m
  • René J. Chevance
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2005

This work presents and compares various options regarding server architecture from two separate points of view: first, that of the information technology decision-maker who must choose a solution matching company business requirements, and second, that of the systems architect who finds himself between the rock of changes in hardware and software technologies and the hard place of changing business needs.

Different aspects of server architecture are presented, from databases designed for parallel architectures to high-availabiltiy systems, touching en route on often neglected performance aspects.

René's book will answer the following questions critical to server architecture design, implementation, and management and more...

  • Given the shift to widespread use of Intel microprocessors, is the importance of hardware architecture, once the province of systems manufacturers, tending to decrease?
  • Given that they are extremely complex to implement, will MPP architectures be confined to scientific and technical markets?
  • Are RISC processors dead, killed by Intel?
  • How much longer will system performance continue to increase?
  • How do the three major multiprocessor architectures compare: SMP, Massively Parallel, and Cluster?

About the Author

René Chevance has an engineering degree from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and a Doctorat d'Etat Es-Sciences from Université Paris 6.

He joined CII in 1968, a Company which later merged with Groupe Bull. In his role of system architect and later as Chief Scientist, he has initiated a large number of projects.

He has also a wide teaching experience for 20 years at Université Paris 6 (Compiler Construction, Software Engineering) and for more than 10 years, as an Associate Professor, at CNAM (System Architecture and System Integration).

He wrote several papers and a book on server architectures ,Serveurs Multiprocesseurs, clusters et architectures parallèles Eyrolles (Paris april 2000).

He left Groupe Bull in 1999 to become an independent consultant.

In this Book

  • Processors and Memory
  • I/O
  • Evolution of Software Technology
  • Symmetrical (Tightly-Coupled) Multiprocessors
  • Clusters and Massively Parallel Machines
  • Data Storage
  • Systems Performance and Estimation Techniques
  • DBMS and Server Architectures
  • The Terminology of High-Availability Systems
  • Hardware and Software Solutions for High Availability
  • Selection Criteria and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Conclusions and Prospects


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