Servitization: Assessment Protocol for Action

  • 1h 32m
  • Antonio Pérez Márquez
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2023

Managing a servitization strategy is a tough managerial challenge due to the delicate and high business implications. What do you need to know to achieve the outcomes the company wants? A reliable, practical, and effective instrument and a relevant dynamic managerial capability for motivation and adoption decision. This is the value proposition of Servitization: Assessment Protocol for Action.

Servitization is about adding service value to the manufacturing business. The concise content develops pioneering processes and application models through its 5 chapters, written in a colloquial way with real examples while offering corresponding application dynamics that allow incorporating the reader's own experiences on the subject.

This book is a suitable support for directors and managers of the manufacturing industry, as well as a tool for immediate action for the professionals interested in the business service innovation model, university professors and students, researchers and consultants, and anyone interested in adding value of service to your business.

About the Author

Antonio Pérez Márquez has a degree in Philosophy and Social Communication from the Universidad Central of Venezuela (UCV) and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santa Rosa in Venezuela; and holds a master’s degree in Science of Education from Indiana University (USA). He has held management positions in the areas of HR, Marketing and Public Affairs of the Venezuelan oil & gas industry (PDVSA) as well as entrepreneurial initiatives in the areas of management consulting and publishing. He also taught courses related to service management at renowned universities in Venezuela and Colombia.

The passion for knowledge, practice and teaching of service led Antonio Pérez Márquez to lead the team of trainers-consultants who designed and executed the corporate program on inculturation of service in the Venezuelan oil industry. In his book Implosion Corporativa he recounts this pioneering experience in Latin America and what a solid corporate culture based on service can achieve.

In this Book

  • Description
  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
  • The Service Value Chain
  • Servitization—An Assessment Holistic Perspective
  • Service Compliance Management
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Terminology
  • Notes
  • References