Shared Services as a New Organizational Form

  • 5h 6m
  • Tanya Bondarouk (ed)
  • Emerald Group Publishing
  • 2014

Organizations increasingly establish Shared Service Centers, either for transactional (administrative) or transformational (organizational change) purposes. Their popularity originates from a combination of efficiency gains and an increase in service quality, without giving up control of the organizational and technical arrangements. The belief is that shared services should maximize the advantages of centralized and decentralized delivery of business functions. The volume deals with sample questions, including: What do shared service models involve? What are the structural arrangements between shared services and the organizations? Which business processes can and/or should be shared? What are the structural differences between shared services in different business processes? This ASM volume intends to move towards more systematic research action. Five main theoretical priorities shape the content of the volume: conceptualizing shared services for different types of business processes, business strategy and shared services, shared services and performance, pluralism in organizing shared services, and governance of shared services in different types of organizations.

In this Book

  • Shared Service Centers: From Cost Savings to New Ways of Value Creation and Business Administration
  • Managing Boundaries Better: The Key to More Effective HR Shared Services
  • Shared Services — Standardization, Formalization, and Control: A Structured Literature Review
  • What is Shared Services?
  • Governance and Control of Shared Service Centers
  • Structuring Shared Services: Realizing SSC Benefits Through End-Users' Usage of an HR Portal
  • A Knowledge Management Perspective to Shared Service Centers: A Case Study of a Finance SSC
  • Value Creation by Transactional Shared Service Centers: Mapping Capabilities
  • Interorganizational Shared Services: Creating Value across Organizational Boundaries


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