Simulation Modeling and Arena, Second Edition

  • 13h 22m
  • Manuel D. Rossetti
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2016

With a unique blend of theory and applications, Simulation Modeling and Arena, Second Edition integrates coverage of statistical analysis and model building to emphasize the importance of both topics in simulation. Featuring introductory coverage on how simulation works and why it matters, the Second Edition expands coverage on static simulation and the applications of spreadsheets to perform simulation.

The new edition also introduces the use of the open source statistical package, R, for both performing statistical testing and fitting distributions. In addition, the models are presented in a clear and precise pseudo-code form, which aids in understanding and model communication. Simulation Modeling and Arena, Second Edition also features:

  • Updated coverage of necessary statistical modeling concepts such as confidence interval construction, hypothesis testing, and parameter estimation
  • Additional examples of the simulation clock within discrete event simulation modeling involving the mechanics of time advancement by hand simulation
  • A guide to the Arena Run Controller, which features a debugging scenario
  • New homework problems that cover a wider range of engineering applications in transportation, logistics, healthcare, and computer science

About the Author

Manuel D. Rossetti, PhD, is Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Rossetti has published over 85 journal and conference articles. In 2013, he received the Charles and Nadine Baum Teaching Award for the University of Arkansas, the highest teaching honor bestowed at the university. His research interests include the design, analysis, and optimization of logistics, manufacturing, health care, and transportation systems using computer simulation and operations research techniques.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Generating Randomness in Simulation
  • Spreadsheet Simulation
  • Introduction to Simulation in Arena™
  • Basic Process Modeling
  • Modeling Randomness in Simulation
  • Analyzing Simulation Output
  • Modeling Queuing and Inventory Systems
  • Entity Movement and Material-Handling Constructs
  • Miscellaneous Topics in Arena™ Modeling
  • Application of Simulation Modeling
  • Bibliography