Small Business Management: A Road Map for Survival During Crisis

  • 2h 1m
  • Dan Nordqvist, Rick Nason
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2020

This book gives us a holistic description of all paragons involved in small business operations during crisis years and suggests the necessary steps that need to be taken to help them overcome their problems.The author clearly demonstrates the crisis implications to small businesses by using personal research and real-life examples in addition to a big bibliography from renowned academics. The book contains useful and practical information for small business owners, entrepreneurs from all industries, business students, academics and strategists, business coaches and can be used as a road map during turbulent periods for small business in all industries.

The author covers the topic from different approaches, while he tries to have a bird's-eye view of contemporary trends and new approaches. Several concepts like risk management, blue ocean strategy, and turnaround management have been discussed by the author in order to create a crystal clear understanding of why there is no such thing as dead end for small businesses even under the worst possible situations and how they can achieve their sustainable development and grow.

This book was inspired by the significant problems that small and medium enterprises faced during the last huge global financial crisis.

About the Author

Andreas Karaoulanis was born in 1970. He served several industries like the banking, retail, consulting, apparel and fashion, academia, software, automotive, digital marketing and engineering in mainly managerial positions.

Be has studies at master's level in engineering with honors, MBA(business) with distinction and "Decision support and risk analysis" with high distinction. In 2017 was unconditionally accepted by Cardiff University Business School as a PhD student but he had to decline the position due to personal reasons.

He wrote several books on business topics and published a considerable amount of papers on business topics as well in international scientific peer reviewed journals. He is peer reviewer in many journals.

He is a seminar's lecturer on business topics, while he was EFL teacher for some years in the past.

He was assistant researcher for 2 years while he contacted research with USA and Asian Universities.

He is collaborating with well known publishing houses from both the USA and Europe towards the completion of new books on business topics.

In this Book

  • Small Business: Touching Base
  • A Depiction of Small Business from an Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Implications of Financial Crisis in Small Business
  • Small Business Entrepreneurial Strategic Approach During Financial Crisis
  • Small Business and Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Small Business Sustainable Development