Small Business Taxes Made Easy, Fourth Edition

  • 6h 52m
  • Eva Rosenberg
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2020

Discover how to increase your deductions, reduce what you owe, boost your profits, and build a dynasty

As if doing your business taxes weren’t complicated enough, you now have the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to contend with. While this major overhaul throws a monkey wrench into the works, it provides unprecedented opportunities to keep even more of what you earn―if you’re up to speed on what the new law means and how to navigate it.

Small Business Taxes Made Easy has been fully updated to provide the knowledge, insights, and tools your business need to get ahead of the curve this tax season. You’ll learn everything you need to know for:

  • Saving money on taxes and boosting your profits
  • Building an increasingly profitable business, with the right advisory team
  • Navigating the complex tax maze without losing the bank
  • Setting up a business plan following the new tax guidelines to minimize tax payout
  • Using record-keeping techniques that increase deductible expenses
  • Learn to reduce audit risk – or to survive audits successfully
  • Spotting errors in 1099s and handling them properly

Providing a thorough look into the Taxpayers First Act, this thorough guide delivers important insights into the marijuana tax dichotomy, updated information about self-rentals, and a deep dive into the Wayfair decision―which affects the collection of sales tax.

Whatever kind of business you run, Small Business Taxes Made Easy will help you stay in compliance while taking full advantage of all possible deductions, loopholes, profit opportunities, and more.

About the Author

Eva Rosenberg,MBA, EA, (Los Angeles) is founder of―the ‘Dear Abby’ of the tax world, answering tax and small business questions for free. She is a top instructor at CCH CPELink with a new series of courses, based on this very book. As a member of the IRS Stakeholder Liaison team, TaxMama helps identify and fix problems with IRS systems and procedures–and to solve your tax problems.

In this Book

  • Small Business Checklist
  • Business Plans You Know and Trust
  • Entities: Selecting Your Business Structure
  • Record Keeping
  • Income
  • Common Deductions
  • Office in Home
  • Vehicles: Everyone's Favorite Deduction
  • Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Owners' Fringe Benefits, Retirement, and Tax Deferment
  • Estimated Payments
  • Special Considerations for Online Businesses—and Businesses that Sell Across State Lines
  • Tax Notices, Audits, and Collection Notes