Smart Grid Security: Innovative Solutions for a Modernized Grid

  • 6h 28m
  • Florian Skopik, Paul Smith
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2015

The Smart Grid security ecosystem is complex and multi-disciplinary, and relatively under-researched compared to the traditional information and network security disciplines. While the Smart Grid has provided increased efficiencies in monitoring power usage, directing power supplies to serve peak power needs and improving efficiency of power delivery, the Smart Grid has also opened the way for information security breaches and other types of security breaches. Potential threats range from meter manipulation to directed, high-impact attacks on critical infrastructure that could bring down regional or national power grids. It is essential that security measures are put in place to ensure that the Smart Grid does not succumb to these threats and to safeguard this critical infrastructure at all times.

Dr. Florian Skopik is one of the leading researchers in Smart Grid security, having organized and led research consortia and panel discussions in this field. Smart Grid Security will provide the first truly holistic view of leading edge Smart Grid security research. This book does not focus on vendor-specific solutions, instead providing a complete presentation of forward-looking research in all areas of Smart Grid security. The book will enable practitioners to learn about upcoming trends, scientists to share new directions in research, and government and industry decision-makers to prepare for major strategic decisions regarding implementation of Smart Grid technology.

  • Presents the most current and leading edge research on Smart Grid security from a holistic standpoint, featuring a panel of top experts in the field.
  • Includes coverage of risk management, operational security, and secure development of the Smart Grid.
  • Covers key technical topics, including threat types and attack vectors, threat case studies, smart metering, smart home, e- mobility, smart buildings, DERs, demand response management, distribution grid operators, transmission grid operators, virtual power plants, resilient architectures, communications protocols and encryption, as well as physical security.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Assessing the European Approach to Privacy and Data Protection in Smart Grids. Lessons for Emerging Technologies
  • The Evolution of the Smart Grid Threat Landscape and Cross-Domain Risk Assessment
  • Resilience against Physical Attacks
  • Secure Communications in Smart Grid—Networking and Protocols
  • Cyber-Secure and Resilient Architectures for Industrial Control Systems
  • Establishing a Smart Grid Security Architecture
  • Secure Development Life Cycle
  • Operational Smart Grid Security
  • Implementation Experiences from Smart Grid Security Applications and Outlook on Future Research


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