Social Networks: Analysis and Case Studies

  • 5h 36m
  • A. Sima Etaner-Uyar, Sule Gündüz-Ogüdücü
  • Springer
  • 2014

The present volume provides a comprehensive resource for practitioners and researchers alike-both those new to the field as well as those who already have some experience. The work covers Social Network Analysis theory and methods with a focus on current applications and case studies applied in various domains such as mobile networks, security, machine learning and health. With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0, social media has become a widely used communication platform. Parallel to this development, Social Network Analysis gained in importance as a research field, while opening up many opportunities in different application domains. Forming a bridge between theory and applications makes this work appealing to both academics and practitioners as well as graduate students.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Social Networks—Analysis and Case Studies
  • Ranking Authors on the Web—A Semantic AuthorRank
  • Detecting Neutral Nodes in a Network of Heterogeneous Agent Based System
  • Global Structure in Social Networks with Directed Typed Edges
  • Social Networks and Group Effectiveness—The Role of External Network Ties
  • Overlapping Community Discovery Methods—A Survey
  • Classification in Social Networks
  • Experiences Using BDS—A Crawler for Social Internetworking Scenarios
  • Privacy and Ethical Issues in Social Network Analysis
  • Social Media—The Evolution of e-Health Services