Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers

  • 3h 25m
  • Matt Reynolds, Tim Hughes
  • Kogan Page
  • 2016

The digital landscape has changed buyers’ habits. Sales professionals now need to develop relationships with decision-makers through social networks to reach them early in the decision making process. Social Selling provides a practical, step-by-step outline for harnessing the skills and techniques necessary to achieve this, including developing a high quality community, building trust, developing authority and influence, and connecting with changemakers. It also discusses enterprise implementation of a social selling strategy, maturity and investment models necessary, risk and governance, and technology platforms. The chapters feature tips, checklists, and theoretical examples.

About the Authors

Tim Hughes is the co-founder of Social Sales Lounge, where he provides training and coaching on social selling.

Matt Reynolds is a technology sociologist, blogger, and mobile software development consultant. He is the co-founder of Social Sales Lounge.

In this Book

  • Social Selling─Techniques to influence buyers and changemakers
  • Introduction to Social Selling
  • Community and Tribalism
  • Your Identity within Social Networks
  • Talking To Strangers
  • Controlling Influence
  • The Mechanics of Traditional Sales
  • Moving From an Analogue to a Social Mindset
  • Selling the Idea of Social Selling and Measuring Success
  • How to Use Technology to Your Advantage
  • Digital Maturity
  • Five Steps to Getting You Started
  • Conclusion
  • References