Soft Sell: The New Art of Selling

  • 3h 26m
  • Tim Connor
  • Sourcebooks
  • 2003

Everyone sells every day—themselves, their ideas, their products or services. Soft Sell provides a new approach to selling…one that stresses motivation, communication, relationship-building and self-image psychology to power-boost you to personal sales success!

Soft Sell gives you--

  • An in-depth, self-analysis questionnaire to get you started
  • Exercises to expand your possibilities and help rid yourself of imaginary ceilings and self-imposed limitations
  • The 20 qualities found in the most successful salespeople—with a scale for you to evaluate and grade yourself
  • Simple ways to get out of a sales slump
  • 17 principles for personal achievement

And Soft Sell explains--

  • Sales objections—what they actually mean and how to overcome them
  • Attitude—how to really increase your success
  • Prospecting—how to discover the prospect’s dominant buying motive
  • The sales interview—get your prospect to tell you how to sell to him or her
  • Service—building customer support and loyalty to increase repeat business

About the Author

Tim Connor, CSP is the president of the Connor Resource Group Inc. He has been a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant since 1974. He has given over 3,000 presentations worldwide on Sales, Management, Motivation, Customer Service, Managing Change, Team Building, and Building Positive Relationships.

He has also facilitated strategic planning retreats and executive management meetings for many of his clients and is a “results oriented” consultant and coach to many business owners, managers and executives.

Over 85 percent of his engagements have been repeat presentations for the same clients presenting fresh new ideas each time.

He is the author of four books including the international best seller, Soft Sell, now in its twentieth printing and a new inspirational classic. He is the author of The Voyage, a Journey of Self-discovery, and numerous custom audio and video learning systems as well as the popular newsletter, Life Balance.

Tim has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 1978, and received his CSP (certified speaking professional) designation from the NSA in 1990. Only 300 members of this international organization of 4,000 members have earned this exceptional designation since 1974.

Tim is more than a speaker, trainer, and consultant. He has been a valuable resource for each of his clients for over twenty years.

In this Book

  • Soft Sell—The New Art Of Selling
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1: Selling As An Opportunity
  • Controlling Your Attitudes
  • Chapter 3: Prospecting
  • The Sales Interview
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing The Sale
  • Maintaining Sales Records
  • After-Sales Service
  • Book Closing